Individual Car Rental

Individual Car Rental

Car rental service has become an important need for individuals today.

Individuals can rent a car from Kusadasi Rent A Car on a daily or monthly basis according to their needs. By choosing Kusadasi Rent A Car for daily and monthly car rentals, they have the privilege of benefiting from Turkey's most extensive car rental network and widest fleet of vehicles.

Daily Car Rental

Daily Car Rental is the process of renting a car for one day. The rental period is calculated as 24 hours and is generally preferred for short-term needs. This service is a suitable option for tourist trips, business travel, special events, or temporary use of a car.

Monthly Car Rental

Monthly Car Rental is the process of renting a car for a month. These types of rentals are usually preferred for long-term needs. The rental period is determined by multiplying the daily rental fee by 30. Monthly car rental is a suitable option for individuals with long-term vehicle usage needs such as traveling businessmen, students, and traveling families.

What are the differences between Daily Car Rental and Monthly Car Rental options?

There are not significant differences between daily and monthly car rental processes. Elements such as driver's license validity, age limit, deposit may vary according to the type of vehicle rather than the rental period. Therefore, there are no significant differences in the rental agreement and terms. Monthly rentals may be more affordable when calculated daily compared to daily rentals. Especially people who benefit from car rental campaigns can realize both daily and monthly rentals at a much more affordable price. As a result, the important point when renting a car is the user's needs.